USS R-12 (SS-89) Submarine

Brazil Navy League Award
The Navy League of Brazil’s
Grande Benemérito do Parimõnio Marítimo

The Navy League Of Brazil (Liga Marítima do Brasil) is a member of the International Federation of Maritime and Naval Leagues (FIDALMAR) based in Madrid. The League promotes and recognizes important Brazilian naval and marine cultural events.

The discovery of the location of USS R-12, and the consequent exploration and documentation has earned the league’s highest honors. In recognition of the discovery and its historical value the league offers its highest award, “The Gold Medal of the Old Sailor” (Grande Benemérito do Parimõnio Marítimo).

The objectives of the Maritime League of Brazil are to preserve the memory of our patron and National Hero Commander Alberto Gonçalves Rosauro de Almeida.

Brazilian Offices

Entombed in the USS R-12 are two Brazilian officers, Capitão de Corveta Alberto Gonçalves Rosauro de Almeida and Capitão de Corveta Julio Lima de Moura. They are World War II heroes in Brazil and have a statue commemorating them on the grounds of the Submarine headquarters in Rio. The Brazilian Navy League was founded by João do Valle Rosauro de Almeida (son of entombed officer Rosauro de Almeida), the current director of both the Brazilian and International Navy Leagues is Marcos Roberto de Paula Rosauro de Almeida (grandson) who works throughout the world with Navy and civilian personnel promoting the work, efforts and ideals of the league.
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Memorial to Brazilian Submariners