USS R-12 (SS-89) Submarine

About Team
This site is dedicated to the discovery and exploration of the R-12 submarine. Discovered  October 10, 2010 by Tim Taylor aboard his Research Vessel Tiburon  The work is being performed under Naval History & Heritage Command permit* and the team is dedicated to the archaeological exploration and documentation of the USS R-12 now resting in six hundred feet of water off the Florida coast.
Tim Taylor
Project Leader
Project Coordinator
RB Havens
Vessel-ROV-AUV Engineer
Dave White
ROV Pilot
Walt Stearns
Kourosh Mahboubian
ROV and Film Team
Expedition Mascot
We are documenting as much as we can of the crew and families of the R-12. If you have any letters, photos or stories of the R-12 we are building a web based archive. Please contact us and we can discuss providing them to us for a web-based archive. Help us to preserve the story of the R-12 for future generations.
Exploration Team
*R-12 remains US Navy property and is protected from unauthorized disturbance under the Sunken Military Craft Act (SMCA).
ROV "OTIS" is Born