USS R-12 (SS-89) Submarine

Official website of the exploration of the sunken US WWII submarine USS R-12
The story of the R-12 is one of intrigue, loss, mystery and the sixty-five families that have waited seventy years for answers.  
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 *Note: some images may not be of the R-12. Some have been digitally altered. All photos are of R-class submarines.

Expedition R12-Trailer
Expedition R-12 limited edition Challenge coins are now available.  These collectors items have the anniversary of the sinking of the R-12 sinking on one side and the discovery Expedition on the other side. Coins are priced at $55.00 including S&H. All proceeds go to help the further the R-12 Expedition Project.

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Mission Coin
Our quest is to provide the fullest possible accounting of our missing WWII Navy Sailors for their families and the nation!